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Kirsty Carden
Are you ready to write your next chapter?

While ending this year on a high? Taking your 'game changer' action, reviewing and celebrating the year and creating your best ever 2023?

No generic strategies, no distraction of home or social media? 

 So that you can start and write a new chapter, but not any chapter, one that feels good, aligned, one that sees you stepping into everything YOU are meant to be. The best version of you and your business.

Imagine having a day to yourself to work on you and your business away from everything, a space to reset, to realign, to reconnect, to let go of the things that do not serve you and to get clarity and have an aligned plan that feels incredible! 

How would you like to do this in a beautiful intimate environment of transformation with likeminded female entrepreneurs all while feeling like a VIP for the day?

Because you know deep down that for your business to transform you must too

And for that to happen we can't just think, learn or talk about it.. We must IMPLEMENT & INTEGRATE so we go from 'saying to 'becoming'...

And here is where it starts...

If this sounds like you then you are in the right place!! 

And I would like to invite you to join me and a group of likeminded amazing females entrepreneurs on a day that will be your catalyst for change!

For the last 5 years I have been creating these specific mastermind events for women like you with phenomenal results! And this year it just got another up level.

You see for you to truly transform it’s not about the latest strategy, it’s about you being in alignment and taking action. Your environment, mindset and personal energy is what contributes most to your results, happiness and success and this is what these days are all about.

Yes we create a strategy/plan but it’s an aligned one, it’s creating goals you will achieve - NOT just writing something on a piece of paper! I give you specific tools and we create a masterplan that goes deeper than any goal setting does, we do the deep work, we shift our identities, our unconscious minds and we connect to something deeper to ignite what really takes you from:

Goal setting to goal achieving!!! 

All giving you time to make a difference before this year ends with your 'Game Changer Action', review and learn from the year, celebrate and create the best you and personal and business blueprint for 2023! 

So, are you ready to say yes to you? To who you are meant to be and join me on the day that will be your catalyst for your next chapter? 


  • Create what you want and who you want to be for your next chapter/uplevel and the rest of the year and for 2023! (you will literally create and write it!)
  • ​Implement and Integrate the Changes and Actions needed - Right Now! 
  • ​Recreate your identity to match what you want - leave the past behind and step into a new successful version of you and let go of what has been holding you back.
  • ​Create the specific daily practices that align with what you truly want so you know what you need to do every day to get there. 
  • Learn what next BIG DECISION you need to make before the year ends plus how you can make powerful aligned decisions in your life and business
  • ​Create your personal and business action plan for the next year!Go from Goal Setting to Goal Achieving with a winning process!! 
  • ​Walk out the event a powerful new version of you, with new incredible friends and a powerful plan of action! Imagine having that clarity in your hand and mind everyday that is taking you to your big vision! Knowing what you need to do daily/weekly and the motivation in your hand - That is what you will have! 
  • ​Make powerful shifts in your unconscious as well as your conscious with this high energy game changing day! 
  • ​Learn the specific changes you need to make to your environment to transform now! 
  • ​Take action! Yes you will activate the changes in the room. 
  • ​Learn new powerful tools you can use on yourself or with clients to be more, aligned and create incredible results! 
  • ​Access the power of the mastermind!! 
  • ​Learn your individual numerology number and how this guides who you are in life and business! 
  • ​Plus so much more (but we don't want to ruin the surprises by saying too much now do we ;) 


  • Full day Mastermind Retreat event 9:30am - 5:30 pm (intimate capped numbers)
  • ​Mentorship and Coaching from me 
  • All Resources including your Masterplan Book
  • A delicious buffet 3 course lunch
  • ​All snacks, coffees, teas, water (yes even the fancy cappuccinos ;) 
  • ​Visualisations, Masterminding and deep transformational work
  • Beautiful room and venue in Surrey along the thames
  • ​Numerology session with Jo Soley
  • ​Beautiful professional photography
  • ​An Incredible Transformation and New Network of Amazing women! 


You will walk away with renewed energy, motivation and focus, a detailed, aligned plan for the rest of the year and beyond - including in business and personally with exactly what you need to do next. 

 A roadmap of the exact things you need to do and exercises to align your identity and state daily. With new connections and friends.

So if thats what you want, take advantage of our exclusive offer TODAY, to do this with me 1-1 for the day it costs £6,500 plus vat and you get this all for a tiny fraction of that price!


What you get:

*Full day Mastermind Retreat event 9:30am - 5:30pm (intimate capped numbers)
*Mentorship and coaching from me
*All Resources including your Masterplan Book and plan to take away.
*A delicious buffet 3 course lunch
​*All snacks, coffees, teas, water (yes even the fancy cappuccinos ;) 
​*Visualisations, Masterminding and deep transformational work
*Beautiful room and venue in Surrey
*Numerology session with Jo Soley
*An Incredible Transformation and New Network of Amazing women! 
*Professional photography 
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Total Early Bird Price  Just: £297 (instead of £347)


Kirsty Carden is a Business Coach, Certified NLP Master & Mindset Coach, course creator & speaker based in Surrey, England.  And the host of the chart topping Self Help Podcast TRANSFORM with Kirsty Carden. For over 6 years Kirsty has worked with 100s of aspiring and current female entrepreneurs, putting them in the environment for success and confidently growing profitable aligned businesses online. As well as being a CPD registered training company offering online business certifications. 

Kirsty believes true transformation comes from our environments "For a Flower to thrive you don't change the flower but the environment of which it is in" This is why she is so passionate about creating events like this and has done for over 5 years, to create the perfect space for transformation.



Using the Powers of Numerology to Transform your Results and Find your Unique Life Path Number with Jo Soley

Jo Soley is the founder of Bizology® and will be leading a session to:
Use the Powers of Numerology to Transform your Results and Find your Unique Life Path Number

People do business with you if they like, know and trust you, numerology helps you like, know and trust yourself! Helping you understand who you really are as a business owner. Numerology has transformed Jo’s life and business to such a degree that her services are now related to connecting her clients to the energies of their numbers. By understanding your Life Path number, the Personal Year you are in, and the meaning and expression of your name – numerology can help empower you to do the right thing at the right time in your business journey.



How long will the day be and when is it? 
The Day starts at 9:30am and should finish between 5-6pm. It is happening on Friday 2nd December so you can review the year, still take your most important action before the year ends AND plan out all of 2023!! 

Are there any other dates for this as I can't make it but really want to go?
We have a second date penciled in for Sat 21st January (or the 28th) this will only go ahead if we have enough requests so if you would like to go to this then please email

Who’s this event for?
Female entrepreneurs looking to up level and grow your business and self and you know you can’t do one without the other. Kind hearted authentic people only who are willing to use this as a catalyst for change for the good! Those who value in person experiences and connecting with others. Also if you have not started your business but want to this is also for you. 

How is it a mastermind/retreat? 
With 5 years of creating these kinds of events and looking at all the feedback I got from speaking to my audience I've created this day. If you feel like you need a retreat right now this will give you everything you would get from a retreat but at a fraction of the investment in time/money. We will be using the power of the mastermind (group) in this day. 

Is the day linked to your podcast series (TRANSFORM with Kirsty Carden)?
Yes in the sense we will be applying environmental and transformational change live in person, if you like to podcast you are going to LOVE this is a whole other level and you will literally walk out the room a different person full of energy, clarity and excitement for what's next! 

How is this limited*?
We will and cannot have more than 20 women in the room so you are investing in an intimate experience and not a bigger event. Both myself and Jo will happily talk to and mentor everyone in the room. This is NOT a generic content based event. It's an intimate retreat like mastermind experience. 

What level of business will the women attending be at?
We will have women of different levels/experience in business at the day. What we will do is arrange tables so you will be on the table that fits you most. 

What happens after I purchase? 
You will be sent an email with everything you need to get instant access. Please make sure you save and open this and check your junk folder. If for any reason you do not receive it contact

Is food included and if so will my dietary requirements be catered for?
All your food will be covered, a 3 course buffet lunch as well as snacks and drinks (this is a VIP experience after all) We will be sending out an email to confirm dietary requirements which will of course be catered for.  

I've been to one of your mastermind events before, is it the same as that? 
Yes very similar to that but of course it won't be exactly the same as we are always evolving and changing things. 

I'm looking to join a longer term mastermind/programme, do you offer this? 
Yes I sure do - I have been running masterminds for 5 years. My masterminds are invitation and application only and you can get more details by emailing me at However the way I like to work is for you to really get an experience of me and the amazing women I attract, feel the shift after the day and by the end of this day you will know if my mastermind is for you :) The Mastermind day will help you create the plan for the mastermind which is why it's the perfect first step for more. 

Where is it happening and is there parking?
It is happening at the stunning Runnymead in Surrey just off of the M25 so very easy to get to and you can stay there. There is lots of parking. 

How do I go about booking a room to stay?
You can contact the hotel direct and I will send you further details about staying here or somewhere close by depending on your preference and budget. 

Is there a payment plan option?
Yes there sure is just link the button to get it and at the early bird pricing! It ends 1/11/22 with the bonus 

Any other questions email:

One day not enough? Want more?

And if one day isn't enough you will have the opportunity to continue your journey and be part of my exclusive and wonderful woman's business mastermind where we ensure you implement your plan, to get a feel of the masterminds watch the videos below